Using pantyhose or “footie” socks on peaches

Has anyone bagged peaches using disposable footie socks or pantyhose?

I’m not trying to be strictly organic, I’m more interested in it because it seems to be one of the better ways to keep the damn stink bugs away. Plus, because I work and have children, I can’t babysit my orchard like some old retired guys can do. :rofl:

I thought this year I would experiment by putting them on a few fruits and not on others and see what turns out better.

So is it still worthwhile to spray when using something like this? Either before applying the “bag” or even over top of it? My concern is it might help with insects, but might actually increase fungal disease.

Lots of people have. And they’ve posted about it too. Try the search feature.

2nd @SMC_zone6,
There are several threads about it. You may want to use the search function, the looking glass symbol, on the right upper corner of the page.

Click on the looking glass symbol and type in “bagging”. Those threads will show up. Talks about footsies were in pretty much every thread. By checking old threads out, you are likely to get answers to your question and a lot more good info.