Using spreader sticker with fungicide

I’m about to use a spreader sticker with fungicide for peach leaf curl for the first time.

When should I add the spreader sticker to the solution? Does it matter?

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Which fungicide, and which surfactant?

Ziram with this silicon based spreader I bought from India. I had no other options in my location…

Fill your spray container halfway with water. Add the Ziram dosage and stir. Finish filling the container with water and then add the surfactant and stir. While spraying, agitate the container about every 30 seconds to maintain the mixture.

Ziram 76DF fungicide label.pdf (230.3 KB)

Thanks Richard

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Maybe you would benefit more from a sticker than a spreader. The product only claims to be a spreader.

My choices are almost nonexistant where I live. The people here are stuck in the past and don’t believe in trying new things. So, I had to order from India.

The product says “Lowers surface tension Excellent sticking properties with spreading” in the description.

I hope it works but I won’t be able to prove either way

I’m surprised that a resin based product isn’t available through Amazon- some are organic and based on pine resin, I believe.

I’m in Italy

but can’t you order stuff from all over the world? certainly nearby countries must have such products although I think it is weird that italy doesen’t.

oh well, I guess you must know what you are talking about- somehow products from india are available in italy but not nearby countries.

On, I searched all the terms surfactant, spreader and everything else in English I could think of and got only results in India. I also searched the Italian word for spreader/sticker. I don’t know if it’s a language problem or what

Why not use the English words, pesticide spreader-sticker? If nothing else, you should find a source on England. Or use google translation and try German as well.