USPS Shipping Resource/Service/Tool

I just found out about this service that sounds great for managing trades or small-scale sales orders. So long as you have a scale and a printer, you can buy postage, print the label, and schedule a pickup. Easier to use than the USPS website.

I found out about it from ordering a bike pump part. The company bought the postage using this service. I’ll definitely be trying it out, especially while keeping socially distant.


Thanks, I might check them out. I can do Fedex and UPS online but the USPS website is horrible, not only is is a mess to use it never accepts my credit card. So I just do the old lick-n-stick.


I have been using Pirate Ship for well over a year with no problems. Postage is discounted too.


I don’t know if this is something you guys consider equal to software but I use this always. It’s PayPal’s print your USPS labels. It’s super-simple.

It’s discounted postage, as-well.



Yes I use PayPal as well. Like you said cheaper than usps


I have used PayPal for years, and as you say it’s simple and works well. A couple things that I like a little better about Pirate Ship are: They allow Cubic shipping, which for dense items can be much cheaper then other rates. The other thing that’s nice with PS is when you enter the street address they will usually automatically suggest the correct City, State and Zip.

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Appreciate your time to tell me @mvfd801.