Uzès France Truffle Festival this weekend

On This weekend marks the annual Truffle weekend, pretty much throughout France where Truffles grow. There is everything truffle! Menus devoted to black and white truffles, wine pairings, a lot of wine drinking! They even sell certified small oak trees so you can grow your own truffles! It is very festive and people are just having a great time. The truffle cheese was great, brought home two types! There was plenty of vin chaud (hot spiced red wine) to go along with this blustery day of truffle hunting! The truffles were very pricey as expected. Low quality tiny truffles were 20 Euros, while the really good ones were between 500-1,000 euros each! Selling them is a very serious business! I prefer eating them! Uploading: 934426AE-F550-4DF2-AEEF-0F53C26FC878.jpeg… Uploading: EF0374E8-EA6E-4557-AF4D-065BFF8F62BC.jpeg… Uploading: B0E45452-9CA5-410D-9A7C-9B61D3F6A114.jpeg… Uploading: 4F095676-882A-4CBC-9DDA-E32418BD9455.jpeg… Uploading: 4DFF64D0-2F97-4851-9448-0DC4EF63CB52.jpeg… [Uploading: 8C3321DD-B2F0-451A-AD02-11F8C247F25D.jpeg


Aw Mrs. G, You’re killing some of us, they look magnifique!! Pardon my French…spelling.


Aw Chickn’ don’t mean to kill, just report. Scrape up some bucks and visit! Mrs. G


I’d love a couple of those Oaks!

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So at first i was like that cannot be euros but what would it be??? yep its euros. Makes me want to nurse up some truffles.

Love all your pictures always such a good story Mrs G!


@mrsg47 ,
I am very interested in this year’s documentary The Truffle Hunters.
Appears to be a very charming and interesting film.

Review: ‘The Truffle Hunters’ Spotlights Foragers and Their Dogs - Eater.


I am sure it will be beautiful. White truffles are from Italy and hunted for in the fall. Black truffles are from France. I live in the capital of stone fruit and black truffles. Our truffles are hunted for during the winter. Our truffle fair has been small the last two years due to Covid; it is held the second weekend in January. They are fabulous! France has some white truffles too but not like Italy. Come and see. We can go on a hunt if you like! :heart:

They hunt them in the winter in Italy. Look like the average age of hunters are 80-90 and they treat their dogs as equals.

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Thats not really right. The white truffle season is in October. Much earlier than ours. Anyone can hunt truffles here, there is no age limit. It is a very private, big business. The grounds that are privately owned are only hunted by the owners. Pieces of fungus worth thousands of euros per kilo in a good year.

I listened to to NPR interviewing the two guys who filmed this documentary this morning. They spent 3 years in Piedmont, Italy to complete the film. These elderly truffle hunters seem to be one of the kind. I thought it may interest you.

After watching a trailer of the film, I agree it is interesting. You can click on the link I posted above.

After you brought it up I watched the trailer! I really liked it! Truffling is very secretive. They never take anyone but family to their best spots! Also the landscape is magnificent! As is the old lady! Loved it thanks. Can’t wait for the movie. Xxoo thanks

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