V Shaped Raised Bed

What’s the point of these? My community garden has 2 thinking they would be able to provide wheelchair accessible plots. No disabled persons have joined the garden and the regular members that where assigned to them have had disasters every season.

We just had the first garden meeting this season and they are going to go unassigned untill we can think of something to do with them.

How can these things be made to work? I was thinking maybe add a bunch of diotomatious earth to augment the soil. I dont know.

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I have always thought the high planters would be a disaster. More like a big container planting than anything useful, needing watered daily and fertilizer frequently. All herb demonstration maybe? But even rosemary in that would need water regularly.


Just an idea but you could do some kind of a strawberry showcase with a bunch of your favorite reds, yellow alpines and some white carolina pineberries. A heavy mulch would prevent you from needing to water as much and having a variety of strawberry species could get you a nice window of harvesting.

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I left some of the thined strawberry runners in there maybe 1/4 of 2 planters.