Valencia Mango in trouble?

All of a sudden over the last 2 weeks my indoor (for the winter) potted Valencia Mango looks to be! dying.
Is this normal for a potted Mango over the winter months?

It’s been inside by a south facing window for about 2 months with the chilly overnight lows.

Oh damn. It may just be the roots. I see a few lower leaves that are mostly healthy. On the other hand – by any chance is getting blasted by a heater vent?

Nice choice in door handle :grinning:

Lol, yeah our dog rings the bell.

My tree is actually nowhere near the heating vent. Made sure they were min 15ft apart.
Hopefully she recovers when I put it back out late Feb.

Throughout the entire of our house. Great minds think alike!

door handle

Yes. In the meantime check the soil moisture near the drain holes at the bottom. Could it be too soggy or dry?

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More than likely dry. I’ve been super cautious about too much moisture.
I’ll check the soil condition.