Valencia Orange

Feb 28
I put this on the wish list after visiting Valencia Spain last Sept.They line the streets with these trees! Somehow I found one at a local nursery. I will put it into a larger pot for now.

My new Valencia Orange a few days ago.


March 12
Flowers are opening. It still needs to be re potted big time. Temps are around 75F.


One month later


Young Valencia oranges!! May 11


I wasn’t expecting it to hold fruit this year being in a container… but it did!

Valencia oranges


Might be starting to ripen… This is the larger one Dec 6

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Update Jan 24, The Valencia is growing a new flush


Hi Matt.
What variety is your orange tree?
I explain you.
Valencian Orange, refers to the varieties of orange that are grown in the Valencian region, but indicates a geographical origin, not a citrus variety, because a multitude of varieties are grown in the Valencian region.
The decorative orange trees that you have seen on the streets of Valencia and other municipalities in this region.
Is bitter orange tree, which is used as a rootstock or for decorative purposes, but its fruits are inedible (very bitter) and are only used for export to England to make bitter orange marmalade.

Valencia has for citrus, an “IGP” (Protected Geographical Indication).
But the following happens.
The best citrus plantations in Spain are not in the Valencia region, but they are in the Andalusia region (mainly Cordoba , Seville and Huelva), what happens is that most of the plantations in the Andalusian region are managed and owned by Valencians, so that the oranges are harvested in Andalusia, they are transported to the Community of Valencia where the “Valencian Orange” sticker is put on them, they are put back on trucks and they go for export.

This is bad practice?
Is this practice currently carried out in Spain?

And the same happens with olive oil that if you want we can comment (it is to go crazy)


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There is a popular U.S. variety called ‘Valencia’. They stole the name for promotional purposes. It was bred in the U.S.

I have no idea unfortunately. I know there are many… University of California Riverside is my go to site. The tags on these plants give little to no help in Canada.

March 5 2021
Well I took a chance just now and picked the smaller one. I was doing some reading just before and they say they turn golden when fully ripe. Not so much deep orange like a Washington Navel or Hamlin.

Success, it was perfect and so very sweet. I shared it with the family.