Valentine Apple?

Anyone growing this one? Or know anything of it? Bob Purvis has it on his scion list, and the only info I can find is from Bernie Nikolai in 1992, and Grandpa’s orchard. Because of the name it’s rather hard to search for it. This is what I’ve found:
(APFG, Bernie Nikolai 1992) “Valentine” is a huge yellow apple with a red blush, sweet and crisp. It has proven hardy in tests in Saskatchewan and was to be sold commercially by one nursery there in 1991 for the first time. It keeps until St. Valentine’s Day, hence the name. Its apples are huge, yet very good for fresh eating. Ripening date is September 15-22 in Edmonton. (grandpas) an old Canadian prairie apple that is very hardy. Greenish yellow with red blush, flesh rather course but excellent taste, good fresh eating or cooking. Ripens mid season, z2-8.
thanks, Sue

They had two samples of it at an apple tasting here last October. One was described as not quite ripe, which I liked a lot. The riper one wasn’t as good to me as it was sweet for my tart apple palate.

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Your post intrigued me so I got searching . I found a local nursery that sold this apple tree when it was in operation in 2014. Unfortunately they are now closed.

They list the apple as green skin striped with red and was considered the best apple for north central Sask. I have contacted them in hopes of being able to buy some scion, or a small tree, if they still have it on the property.

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