Valley Sweet peach

These are only running 16-18 brix but are excellent. Despite being low acid I really like the flavor. Not as good as the 24 brix Honey Royale nectarines that finished a week ago. But better than Sweet Dream with similar flavor.


Beautfil color too!


Is Sweet Dream before or after this one?

Are any Flavor King ripe?

Those are super nice looking peaches!! Great color, low fuzz, and nice size! High brix score isn’t always best, it’s the flavor that counts! I’m hoping to try some of these next season.

. A gift from a good friend.


Sweet Dream was several weeks ago. I believe it was about 15-16 brix.

Geo pride is ripe but I’d guess that Flavor King is 2-3 weeks off.


Yes it is a very pretty peach with a nice shape.

I find that higher brix fruit of a given variety almost always tastes best up to about 30-32 brix. At that point off flavors can take over. But there are high brix fruits with no flavor. The jujubes I’ve grown come to mind.

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Man those look great. Your trellis set up looks great! I hope to have that variety someday.


I am becoming a believer in your high brix theory after playing with my refractometer. I cut some Harko nectarines up for the boys this morning and noticed one fruit was not quite ripe but served it anyways. At 18 brix It was rejected but they ate the other one at 22. I then cut them a 25 brix peach and both boys asked for more of those please. They are starting to learn what they really like best and becoming harder to please. I really did not think my peaches and nectarines were high brix because they are not low acid fruits and the flavors to me are intense. One thing ive noticed is I don’t like fruit when its overripe though, I can always taste off flavors.