Variegated persimmon sport

I was checking my trees this afternoon after delivering extra veggies to the neighbors to see this beautiful variegated branch on my Nikita’s Gift. I will have to tag this branch to graft and see if it’s a stable mutation!


Wow! Definitely keep track of it and graft it onto some seedlings if it is stable. Having a variegated tree with some ripe red fruit dangling about would be an amazing color display.


VERY cool. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure that if it is stable, you can find a market for that in the ornamental sector as well as us fruit lovers. My NG has such pretty leaves already.


I think you’ll sell a lot of these if you can propagate it. Count me in!

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Funny this gets a lot of praise , but the yellow Elder berry didn’t ?
Not saying this shouldn’t , just Odd the Yellow Elder berry was Ignored
Could be for Ornamental uses but also Yellow instead of red would have different Flavor Profiles
Subtle things like that could have a Impact on the intricate Flavors of Wine…

Very cool though about that Variegated Persimmon
Reading a Japanese REsearch Station they have a Variety with red Leaves not for fruit, but for leaves for adding onto a dish to Display it In fancy Restaurants.

(here is one)

Blockquote"Nishiki" is a persimmon variety whose leaves are brightly colored during the fallen season. The color of the leaves when the leaves fall is bright red, the coloring period is earlier than other oyster varieties, and the coloring is good, so it is suitable as a color (decoration) for Japanese cuisine

Very Cool Cant state that enough

You could get creeper Persimmon (or also called weeping persimmon)
Have this as a Low ground cover Grafted on some of the weeping branches.

Would that work or would the other branches weep , and the grafted part grow up right ?
(Edit , but could look good as a Freaky looking tree weeping , and Multi colored up growth. )

Also When you cut for grafting Do you leave some wood on the Original tree
just in case it does not take,
or Just graft with the Buds ?

I am not Knowledgeable to much on the Subject of grafting…

*I do understand All that stuff about it reverting back though (somewhat at least)
So that is not part of my question.

(edit I had some of those weeping persimmons they are small, a little bigger than marbles.
bitter, but I actually like the bitter in those it’s a dry bitter like tea, and I like that taste,
but more ornamental .)

If it were grafted to a weeping trees this part would grow up and away. It would be cool if it weeping though!


Hey that might would raise awareness of the great persimmon fruit to our friends who care more for beauty than fruit.

Needs to be marketed as a stunning tree anyways
Since all leaves fall off , and the tree filled with Orange fruit look amazing,

but I get what your saying, and also Agree…

If people do not like fruit (birds, and critters )could always sell male tree’s
Love the Alligator Bark (same with others that are male or female but spread
(like Virginia creeper stunning red leaves before everything else turns in fall
note also has a Variegation cultivar .)


If anyone was curious about this, I have sent the variegated scion off to One Green World. Maybe it will be commercially available in a few years!


Fingers crossed as that would definitely add to aesthetics! Thanks!

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Hopefully it does well, the variegated portions of the leaves did get beat up in the summer heat/fun. Some shade may be needed for best appearance.

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