Vavilov pear

One of the interesting pieces of data found today when researching pears is that Vavilov pear is suggested as a very crunchy and good flavored pear. Does anyone have it? It is also listed in older documents as Rousselet of Stuttgart x Dr. Jules Guyot No. VII. It is PI 337446 in ARS-Grin.


I have it,( no fruit yet)from Fedco on OHxF97 and was pleasantly surprised to see some blooms even though it’s only on its 4th season. In my yard that counts as a precocious pear.
Let me know if you would like some scionwood

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Thanks, the only place I found it available is

I don’t see it currently listed at Fedco. Did they discontinue listing it?

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Fedco told me they cycle some of their offerings in and out of the catalog. I wanted ‘Martha’ crabapple one time and they said wait a year or two and it would be back.

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