Vegetable Garden Plant Tags


We’ve discussed tagging fruit trees a few times, but what do you like to tag your vegetable garden rows/beds? I use 6" white spikes that appear to be vinyl, but quite often I find the marker fades before the end of the season and the UV exposure makes them brittle and they often break off. What’s long lasting and economical?


I use the thin metal blinds from the thrift store. Cut them up and use the Sharpie that supposed to be long lasting to write the variety. I stick the label in the ground with the writing facing north if possible, sometimes partially burying it to shield it from the sun. I wipe the dirt/mulch off at the end of the season and file them with my seeds. Next season sometimes I have to rewrite the label. No big deal.


Looks like this.


I only mark peppers, tomatoes and eggplants They all have cages. So I use small colored electrical ties - I first use them as a stick tag in a seedling cell. Then I use them on 1/2 gallon nursery pots by pushing them through a tag slot and close. Then I attach them to the cage when planting out. Over years I have all pots and cages having some colors on them so I can decide every year what color will be what kind of a plant. And I write the color and the name in my garden notes. But I have just few (under ten) different kinds. But if you use color combinations, it could be many more marked) Did it one year.


I buy perennials from a lady in the village, she puts out a table of various stuff for $1 each. She marks stuff with the vinyl blinds and those tags never last long. So the key must be the metal ones, I’ll keep that in mind. They’re similar to what I use now so I’m sure I’d like them.


I use colored tags for my apples to differentiate between fresh eating/cooking and cider.


After seeing a lovely old trash dump on a back road , I noticed that the old Clorox bottles were holding up very well.
I cut up a Clorox bottle the other day into tag size pieces ,got 20 some plant tags out of one gallon bottle.very thick plastic,
And as the dump told, they hold up


I use old vinyl blinds myself. I’ve been cutting tags off one blind for at least a decade. It’s probably a lifetime supply for me. They cut easily with heavy kitchen scissors. Each one lasts about 4 years in the field before they start to become brittle- though the writing tends to fade in one season unless I use a paint pen.


I picked up a grease pen (aka China Marker) the other day, figured I would give it a try and see how long it lasts on the labels I generally use.