Vegetables in hydrophonics

Is anyone growing vegetables in hydroponics?

I am! I’m growing a tomato plant in a simple homemade system.


I grew tomatoes in a hydroponic setup once. I had mine growing in perlite with an aquarium pump irrigating the media every so often. They were on a deck getting about 6 hours of direct sun. By the end of the season, the plants were 8 feet tall and taking over the deck.

Ulises, that looks like you’re using marble chips as your substrate. Is that what’s in the baske, or is that something else? I have difficulty getting a size perspective from photos. What are you using as the nutrient solution? Are you also using a pump or bubbler for wetting the substrate? Sorry if it sounds like an inquisition. I can’t tell where the roots are in relation to the solution or tell how they are being kept moistened and oxygenated without staying submerged.

Did you grow your plant from seed? How old is it now and how long have you been growing it in your setup? You have an interesting container. Is it a type of storage container? Recycled or purchased new for this? Same with the basket - Is it a grow basket, or something reused from another purpose, or a container that you cut the slits into?

That’s probably a lot of questions for you at one time. I hope you find time to answer them. I seem to be a person of many words and few pics, and you one of many pics and few words.

I think starting off with just one tolerant plant for a learning experience is a good way to start off. Hydroponic growing makes a lot of sense in areas with water shortages because it is extremely water efficient. It’s also good for indoor growing of greens, especially with a light setup, for those with limited space, or even just during the “off season” for growing outdoors.

I have nephews around your age who built a rather large greenhouse and use aquaponics to grow micro-greens, which mostly go directly to upscale restaurants.

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I’m using pumice rock as a substrate.

I’m growing it in a one gallon aquarium on a grow basket. As of now, I’m not using any pump, but I’m planning to use one once I bring it indoors, that will be in a week or so.

As for the nutrients, I’m using a miracle grow liquid formula for hydrophonics.

I started the seedlings in early August from seed, then transplanted it in my homemade system around early-September.