Vegetative vs Flower Bud Identification

Took a trip out to see my little trees and was looking at the buds.

First is my 3 on 1 Asian pear. I notice there are two kinds of buds present. “Fuzzy” ones without leaves and more typical leaf petiole base buds.

I am assuming the fuzzy ones are next year’s flower bud locations? I know for pears you also get vegetative growth along with the bloom cluster.

Next is my Cot-n-Candy Aprium. The buds look like there are three at each leaf base. The two on the outside look different from the one in the middle. Are these flower buds? I’d assume they should mimic apricots since that is the dominant parentage.

Lastly is my Flavor Grenade Pluot. This tree flowered the spring I panted it last year and flowered more extensively this spring. Some of the flower clusters included up to 6 flowers.

So looking at the photo you’ll see this year’s growth and last year’s growth, circled in different colors. The spacing of the leaf nodes on this year’s growth is spaced out. Last year’s wood has twice the amount of leaves as the spacing is twice a dense.

Now I know why online photos of FG in bloom are so chock-a-block full of blossoms. Hard to see the individual dormant buds as they are small.


Most of the looking around I have done so far shows Apriums fruits primarily on the shoots. Here are a few picture I saved from couple of threads on this site.