Veggies bed

Out with the old treated landscape woods and in with the new composite weather proof decking wood. Once and done for good.



Are those tomatoes, Tony? If so I didn’t realize that weather warmed so fast where you live. I normally wouldn’t plant tomatoes for another few weeks.

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Those are my Flavor bombs vine cherry tomatoes and Kumato cherry tomatoes. We are warming up quick. The next 30 days are in the 50s-60s with a few lows at 37 degrees.

Same here Tony. I will probably order some tomato starts to plant out next week. No trips to the garden center; only curbside pickup is allowed. This weather is probably good enough for me to plant out my yacon too. Only lettuce, and cruciferous vegetables are sown at this time but I’ve got a good mâche crop coming up.

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I got some Thai Basil going.


Earliglo Strawberries

Pakistan Mulberries

Sugarcane made it through Winter indoor

White Pakistan Mulberry cuttings going