Veteran peach zone 5

Question for the peach experts. My Veteran has survived 2 winters now and is in its 3rd summer. It produced about 20 peachlets this spring and I’ve removed all but 4. The tree hasn’t grown much, still only 5 feet tall and the branches are about as thick as pencils. I think I probably know the answer to this but can I leave 3-4 peaches on the tree or is it still too early to let it grow fruit? I’m chafing at the bit to finally try a peach from this tree, dunno if I can wait another whole year :sweat_smile: Would the weight of a single peach be enough to break a branch this thin?

4 peaches wont hurt anything if the branches do get bent down thats a good thing. you want the tree growing wide and low not just up.

Are you feeding the tree?

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Thanks for the info.

I could probably be fertilizing better than I am. Any tips on what works best?

The best answer would be get a soil test to see what you might be deficient or abundant in then formulate an solution.

But realistically give it some 10-10-10, In the spring and again in the summer but never in the fall.

[Sta-Green All Season 40-lb 6500-sq ft 13-13-13 All-purpose Lawn Starter Fertilizer in the Lawn Fertilizer department at](

If there is a problem with flowering and fruit setting, then give it some strong 0-xx-xx

The first number if of course nitrogen. You do not want to feed nitrogen when the tree will be going dormant soon. You will be creating new growth will only get winter damaged or delay dormance for a total kill.