Viable jujube seeds for trade?

I was reading k8tpayaso’s responses to a post and it inspired me to ask this forum if there is anyone here who would sell/trade viable jujube pits from this season from improved cultivars (please no rootstock seeds or inferior fruit seeds). I understand that many cultivars don’t have viable seeds but it appears that Mrs. K8t is having decent success with some of her cultivars as evidenced by the wonderful pictures she’s shared of her meticulous sprouting regimen. If anyone is willing to trade, share, or sell please let me know. The main thing I have to trade with is seeds from the most wonderful native Persimmon I’ve ever seen; I have named it Catawba Treasure after the Native tribe that once lived here. It is absolutely delightful in every regard; pictures attached



Well it seems I can only upload one pic right now; I’ll get more pictures of the fruit to whoever would like them.

Hello and welcome! Those are some nice looking persimmons. If you hang around for a little bit, spend some time reading, writing, liking, etc, you’ll have access to the trading post before you know it. I bet if you had scions available from that tree, you might spark some interest.

Yes indeed, I plan to offer scion wood and grafted seedlings in the future but I’m considering taking out a plant patent first and getting serious about this one. I’ve been eating from it for years now and it blows me away every year; if I have ever seen or tasted a supermarket quality native Persimmon then this is it, although I’m sure there are plenty of great improved ones that I’ve never seen. This one starts ripening in August and is not astringent once it’s the least bit soft. I plan to have persimmons from August through January one day but this one is finished by October; the Tamopan seems to not start ripening until December here though…


It might be a good idea to try Jerry Lehman’s best varieties Lehman’s Delight and Barbara’s Blush first (incidentally both are not patented) before considering a patent. Yours is lacking in size…by the first look.

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I could trade you scions for seeds. I didn’t save the pits from my jujube fruit last season.

“Lacking in size”? That’s a quarter they’re next to… And that’s an average grown man’s hand (mine). I’ve had patented Persimmon varieties as well as those Asian varieties sold in supermarkets; I’m aware that this might not be the biggest or best native Persimmon in history, but all things considered I’d give it 5 stars out of 5. It doesn’t lack in yield, flavor, early ripening, yield regularity, disease resistance, uniformity, seed to flesh ratio, color, texture, skin edibility, or any other category as far as I can tell. Now, I’d trade fruits with Lehman or Barbara any time any place, and once that comparison occurs I’ll give my honest opinion, but right now I’m strongly biased toward this one, although I still eat from dozens of other wild ones and grafted ones here every year. Any who, I’m not trying to sell this one, and I’m not asking for scion wood, I’m just interested in planting seeds and chanelling my inner Luther Burbank. I believe this tree will produce some incredible progeny, and I’d like to offer its seeds for the seeds of any jujubes out there with as much potential. Having said all that, I have been convinced to give up some of this scion wood in the past, and the main reason I haven’t offered it is not financial reasons but rather that it is a quite young tree and I am very careful to balance the scion wood I take for my own grafting purposes with next years fruit yield. I have a few dozen more suckers to graft on my farm and then in a few years when those need pruning I’ll be able to offer scion material. Sorry so lengthy…

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I may have a few extra seeds. You have to realize though that any cultivar seeds can revert back to a rootstock type fruit. Usually it is better than that but one can not guarantee the seed will grow the same fruit as the parent…it might be better than. Might not.

I’m just now getting my seeds ready to start cracking. If they look good and viable I will probably have a few extra. How many are you interested in getting?

Your persimmon looks fantastic. Don’t know if I have enough years left to get fruit from a seedling persimmon!!! :flushed::flushed::grimacing::grimacing::laughing::laughing:

PS Welcome to the forum!


Howdy! You’re basically the reason I joined! You’ve also inspired me to start a new post asking for info/research on seeds from improved grafts carrying the rootstock DNA rather than the parent tree’s DNA.

I’ve researched everything I can about jujubes and I’m in the process of cracking and planting hundreds right now from England’s. I’ve read that they’re a fine forage for goats and sheep (the leaves), they’re obviously good (even medicinal) for people, and research from the Middle East, Asia, and India shows that the Ziziphus genus in general is an incredible honey plant (over 800kg/ha); it blooms constantly during my otherwise dearth period. For this same, melliferous, reason I am also growing from seed Euro hybrid chestnuts, pagoda trees, Maackia, Cider Gum, Tooa, American Smoke Tree, Sourwood, Franklinia, Tea, Rosemary, and a few others. Anyway, I’m super glad to get in touch with you perhaps I’ll PM you an offer!