Victoria Red grapevines

I ordered and received 2 Victoria Red grape vines from Double A vineyards. Now that they have grown some, I noticed the leaves are very different from one to the other.

What do you think?



I’d say you have enough evidence to keep an eye on it but not much more-- Leaf shape is often inconsistent on young leaves, and young vines. I’d keep an eye on it but wouldn’t jump to conclusions for a while.

Second pictures actually look like Riesling leaves.

I have two vic red plants and have never seen leaves like those in photo #2.

I guess I’ll just keep an eye on them to see what they produce in a couple years. Thanks guys.


Feel free to share those pics with Double A though–most nurseries are happy to send replacements when there’s even the shadow of a doubt of origin/quality. And Dennis has a great reputation in that regard.

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Thanks, DCinFLX, I think that I will send them the pictures to see what they think.


Does anyone know how long it takes for a Victoria Red Grape Vine to bear fruit?
I looked everywhere, and i could find a single site that said how long it takes for it to first bear fruit.

Mine fruited in the second year. I let it set about a 50% crop. Then full crop in year 3. I have a long growing season.

Ok I see you are in FL. Definitely should be able to get good crop in year 2

My experience here near Houston with Victoria Red is the bunches have to be sprayed for bunch rot or no fruit. Makes lots of low flavor bunch grapes but I’m not willing to spray so pulled them up. Back to muscadines. Where in Florida?

I got mine from a nursery in central Texas last Fall and they set fruit this Spring. I thinned them as well. D