Video of my garden

Hopefully this works. I’m so bad with technology


Didn’t work, I’ll try again when I get off work.

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grow jim grow!


Loved it, very neat too ! Beautiful garden Jim.


That is GREAT Jim! I had forgotten that you had chickens too. This spring I snuck 2 goose eggs under a sitting chicken and its been the most fun thing I’ve done…both the mother hen and the 2 goslings both think they are all chickens. haha

Nice garden, and strawberries look good!


Thanks, so far it has been a great growing year. It looks neat now but I bet the weeds will be taking over soon.

That’s awesome with the geese eggs. Do you plan on using them as guard geese or do you have alternative plans? It’s great you have all these animals. I wish I had more land but I have a great life here and am doing the best with what I have.


Honestly, Jim, I hadn’t got that far yet and dont really know what I’ll do with my geese! ha. I do have a small pond, but it has been fascinating that thes.e are the only waterfowl I’ve ever seen that have no interest in a pond. It almost has to be because their “mom” can’t swim on it and didn’t teach them to use it either. Like I said, mom and babies both are convinced they are all chickens. haha

I like that you said you have a great life there. Its sad how many people seem unhappy with their life, where they live, job etc. More people should have your attitude. Everyone has things they wish were better or had more of (like you said you’d like more land) but far too few appreciate the things they do have. It seems to me you are making the best of what you do have, and seeing that video proves you are doing a lot of really neat things with the land you have.


This is part two of my garden tour. I made the video to share with my friend, who is also a gardener, but I also thought it would be good to share them here too!

I plan on making two more, one of the other side of the garden and one of the orchard, so stay tuned.



How big is your Saijo astringent persimmon now?

How has that rabit not eatin’ you out of house and home?! Great looking plants.

So I don’t have a Saijo tree. I had purchased a Saijo tree from Stark Bros several years ago, but it is not a Saijo and I don’t know what it is. It made one persimmon last year, which dropped early on. This tree is about 15 feet tall now and is loaded with flowers this year. Hopefully some stick and I can have someone figure out what it is. I have grafted chocolate persimmon and coffee cake persimmon on is last year, which took, and I grafted Nikita’s gift to it this year.

What I did this year was to buy 5 persimmon root stocks. Two have woke up and one is just starting. I grafted one over to Nikita’s gift and one to Saijo.

Hope you are doing well Tony.

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Thanks Everett,

Maybe that rabbit is eating some lettuce or something when I’m not watching but so far I’ve only seen it eat weeds and grass. If I do start seeing more damage, I’ll try and take care of it.

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Your garden and orchard looked great. Hopefully your large multi grafted persimmon tree will be productive soon!

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Part three. It cuts off suddenly, my phone is full and I have to figure out how to make more room. Sorry, I dislike computers.

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Maybe you said it and I missed it, but what do you have under the row cover?

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@thecityman You might want to try getting those goslings used to water yourself if they aren’t doing it on their own. I had a similar situation several years ago when I put one of my Indian Runner duck eggs under a chicken. The duck imprinted on the chickens as your geese have apparently done. It was funny at first, until his eyes started getting gummy and his feathers nasty looking because he wasn’t getting in the water and he slept underneath the chicken roosts. But the kicker was when he became sexually mature and started trying to cover every hen in sight. He had really nice conformation and color, and I had other ducks I wanted to breed him to, but his only amorous interest was in chickens. What a waste. :roll_eyes:

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I have yellow squash, patty pan squash and zucchini. They are doing great. Last year I got one a few zucchini and the yellow squash and patty pans were destroyed by the squash vine borer before they made a single fruit. I have gotten like 15 zucchinis so far, and the yellow squash and patty pan are just starting but looking great. They only thing is I have to manually pollinate, which takes about two minutes in the morning.

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I loved you story so much, and wanted to update you on my own situation. However, out of respect for @growjimgrow 's great video and discussion here, I didn’t want to hijack this thread. So I’m moving the geese/chicken rearing chat over to a thread called “Does anyone else grow and produce cackle fruit”. This is a fun thread started by @Fusion_power that has become to go-to place for us fowl friends! :slight_smile: I hope you’ll go there to see my update and maybe help solve my mystery! :slight_smile: