View from my roof


I was up cleaning my gutters and took a few pictures of my orchard and gardens. Thought I’d share.

Note the sun chokes, which ate the clothesline making it very difficult to hang all the cloth diapers up. I need to trellis them next year.


Excellent! :green_heart:


Nice view and fence. Not to be too nosy, but what kind of trees are we looking at in the front yard?


So that is my side yard overlooking my pool fence. In the top picture from the left you see the $1 box store peach tree. Moving out to the road there is Sunking pear then Bartlett pear. The big things to the right of the peach are elderberries. You can still see some flowers. Moving to the road is Elberta Peach, New century Asian Pear, the Housi pear. There is Siajo Asian Persimmon to the right of Elberta.

In the third picture. the taller tree to the left is Enterprise apple, then Jonafree apple. The little apple is Golden Delicious. You can see Shan Xi (sp?) jujube peaking up over the fence. To the right is a Penn. Golden pawpaw.

Hope that helps.


Looks great, but I have one BIG recommendation. Get some kind of leaf guard for those gutters and stay off the roof! :disappointed_relieved:

Glad you made it down safely to tell about it.


Don’t jinx me Anne! Those Christmas lights don’t hang themselves.