Vigour in seedlings

Last year i grew some prunus family from seeds. Few peaches, Japanese plums and Euro plums. All of them reached about half meter in size, except the Jap plum beeing tiny 30 centimers. One exception… My peach seedling grew a shocking 2.5 meter in its first year! I have never seen anything like it! I know this isnt a quality that most are looking for. But i am delighted! Any people with experience on such vigourous seedlings? And what height could this tree reach unpruned? My idea is to cut back to 2.5 meter this summer and leading it horizontally on my wall.


Prunus are very vigorous from seed. Makes a case for direct seeding things like peaches that are more or less self fertile and come true from seed. I’ve had 4-5’ of growth with branches and 3/4” caliper from a seedling peach first year

It’s impressive, really


I have a couple of little apricot seedlings I saved from the compost last year, transplanted into a garden bed and babied, but they only got to about a foot in height. I’m hoping they get serious this year and then we’ll see.


Yes peaches from seed seem unstoppable. Mine are super vigorous. After two years I chopped main leader of in half and grow an open bowl type tree. Last summer when 2nd leaf they fruited a little, third leaf they were loaded. Going on 4th year now I plan to grow out more. Specific crosses I’m trying. Breeding plants is a hobby within a hobby for me. I have many of my own cultivars, not trees brambles. I lost like eleven tree seedlings due to mites once and an unexpected freeze. So starting over again. Although I do have those peaches.