Violette de Bordeaux Fig


Possibly, it seems to me I pulled it out of the bare root beds at Green Thumb Nursery a few years ago.



My VdB tree has only been in the ground a year and it’s quite bushy. It’s also a DWN tree, but it came in one of those industry 1G pots that are tall and thin. The whole container was pretty much full of roots. No sign of fruit yet, but I’m still hopeful that I will get some this year.


I’m so jealous of y’all! My new V d B is happily sitting there, waiting to bud out. Fig leaves are pretty late here.


Mine is dormant and probably mad at me for giving it a haircut while it was hibernating. A few people wanted cuttings for trade. I’m in 5b! This fig here starts very late, most of mine are starting to grow, but this one is still waiting. As are my in ground figs.
My in ground all survived this year. One is 5 feet tall. We don’t get those wide temp swings the South and the Northeast get. All my plums are fine when many were wiped out in the Northeast and South.Well the fruit buds wiped out. All my plum fruit buds are fine.Deep cold kills fruit buds here, and it was a mild winter. 2 years ago it was -16F one night. That killed many (but not all) fruit buds. It probably would have killed my figs if I had them at that time. I just put them in a year ago. I’ll savor this year!


Well I took your advice and cut it to about 18" and here is what it looks like now.
It looks pretty good to me although the larger leaves curl a bit. I imagine that may be water conservation on hot days. I can’t wait for some figgys to grow!


I’ve heard that VdBs will wilt a bit in the heat, but they’ll perk right back up after a watering.


Mine will exhibit a bit of leaf cupping in the mid-afternoon but then relax again towards evening.


Thanks Richard and JCT. I just checked mine and indeed it has perked back up. I sure hope they can handle the heat as this is nothing compared to summer. Although by then the root system should be more developed.



Why don’t you mulch? I believe I read your answer somewhere to this somewhere on the forum.


VDB is a popular fig out here in Phoenix. If they can take our constant 115 degree summer days, they can take the heat in your area.


Because my orchard is still under construction. Presently I’m adding these tree rings which will be filled with perennial mulch by summer.


Very nice, Richard!



Will VDB fruit the same year after dying back to the ground? Zone 7 Virginia and looking for figs with that trait for planting in ground. Already have Hardy Chicago, but looking for a couple more.


Can you slice one open and show us the inside? My VdB this year aren’t nearly as red inside as usual. We’re having unusually hot weather right now, over 100.



Those look delicious, like in a normal year. I’d like the one on the top and bottom.


Garden pizza made with VdB figs, Guajillo peppers, Black Krim tomato, mozzarella cheese, 1/4 cup marinara sauce, and Joy Of Cooking pizza dough. :slight_smile:


Oh my!