Violette de Bordeaux Fig




:eyes:! Wow!


Nice ones, enjoy them!


Nice haul Richard! I’m jealous.


About 6 feet high and wide.


The smaller ones are Violette de Bordeaux


Oh all those figs are beautiful. :slight_smile:


Thanks, these ones were more what I expected. These are from my current place, on a couple of trees I layered from my original.


I am looking for advice on how to fertilize my VdB. This is my first year with it and I had a wonderful crop of brebas that were the tastiest figs I’ve ever eaten. YUM!! Sadly they are all gone now. How do people feed their tree?


I use a water-soluble fertilizer with NPK 16-8-24 + minors & micronutrients.


How often do you feed your trees?


That’s very dependent on the type of fertilizer (granular, water-soluble, etc.) a person chooses, it’s concentration, and their climate. I see were both in 10b. :slight_smile:


I am growing organically. I am using G & B Organic Citrus and Fruit Tree Fertilizer(8-4-2) It is granular. I also top dress with some worm castings and compost. Yes we are in the same zone. Aren’t we lucky? I feel like we can grow so much here.


You need an organic potash supplement. 8-4-2 is insufficient.



For example:

For each 1 lb of G&B 8-4-2, add 1/4 lb of Sul-Po-Mag.
This will give you 1.25 lbs of fertilizer with net NPK of 6.4 - 3.2 - 6.0.
You can use this on all your fruit trees and fruiting vegetables, e.g. tomatoes.

Be sure to measure by weight, not volume. The ratios are far different by volume and you could end up harming your plants.

Here’s an example Sul-Po-Mag product:

Stone Sul-Po-Mag


Looks great. I’ve been letting my VdB grow in bush form (ie > 12 stems and counting from a central ball only a couple of inches above soil level) in a half barrel pot. However after viewing this beautiful tree I am now thinking I’ll just make air layers out of all of them and begin again to train in tree form, albeit with a low scaffolding. My plant started giving fruit the year after I got my tiny cutting, so I think I’d still get some fruit next year if I did this.


Richard gave great advice on how to use what you have, I myself use Dynamite slow release and top off the plants with Plant-Tone, Holly-Tone, or Garden-Tone, depending what I have on hand. I add it once a month.
VDB grows fine here in containers. Excellent fig. I added some other similar figs like Valle Negra, and Nero 600. Nero 600 does better in my environment than VDB, but both work just fine.

Here is my VDB


Do VdB’s need pruning every year? I put mine in a 1/2 barrel last February and at that point chopped it to about 18". I had some delicious figs. Many leaves have fallen off, but quite a few are still on the tree. When do I prune, how much and wen do I start feeding?


You dont need to prune any fig trees including VdB but it is usually desirable for keeping the size under control.

If you still have figs on the tree, they are likely breba crop or overwintering crop. They will ripen for you in early summer or late spring depending on your location.


It depends greatly on location.