Violette de Bordeaux Fig


I am in Southern California zone 10b. And there are no figs on tree.


Your should prune it to between 24" and 36" high. In SoCal zone 10b there is no breba crop worth harvesting. Instead you will have wonderful summer and fall crops. I just pruned mine today and hope to post pictures tomorrow. However, you can see from my posts in this thread the progress each year. Understand that I have large basins (9’ diameter) around my trees, water them at least 70 gallons per week in absence of rain, and feed them regularly.

There’ll be an open house here some Sunday in May. You’re invited. Details available soon at the San Diego CRFG website or email me directly. :slight_smile:


Photo of this year’s pruning – 28" high and avg. diameter of 40".


Thanks Richard this is great!! I can see from your August 2017 post just how much you took off.


I’m expecting about 20 6’ to 12’ whips this year.


Now leafing out.



it’s absolutely awesome that fig breeds have names such as Viagra and Nero 6000. :grin:


Apparently our VdB fig tree is in competition with our grapes this year :slightly_smiling_face:


No kidding. Them’s is small.

That’s something not likely to see often.



Won’t be mature size for a couple months.


I guess I thought your point meant something else, but all is good!



First fig fruits of the season :slightly_smiling_face:. We didn’t have much vegetative growth this year – the plant is about 3’ high and 6’ wide.


Today’s harvest


Mine are a couple of weeks behind yours, looking forward to some fresh figs!


Looks delicious. I just picked a few today as well. Such a great fig and a heavy producer. I had them along with Emalyn’s Purple and Emerald Strawberry. Crazy to have 3 figs that taste so markedly different.


Christmas figs!



Today’s harvest – maybe 10% of what’s on the tree.


The baked fruit has the flavor of raspberry with the texture of strawberry.