Virginia Greening

Anyone here grow the Virginia Greening apple? Would love to know more about it. Thanks.

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I guess nobody is! Did you learn anything elsewhere?

(From the web, it appears to be a tough sweet keeping apple…but probably not very flavorful? Perhaps a good apple for Southern growers that need an easy care tree?)

You might contact Vintage Virginia Apples.

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No, they don’t list that one.
(I mostly was curious if this is a heirloom or something recently named…ok, found it described by OrangePippin.)
I have Northwest Greening, Green Pippin, Tolman, white winter pearmain, etc…so not like I need another apple. I’m about to ‘cancel’ Granny Smith. Just curious if anyone had reports on “Virginia Greening”.

In 2015 Steve Kelly, Big Stone Gap, Va lists Va Greening scions for sale. Not sure of his current status, heard of health problems a few years ago.

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