Visit with steveb4!

My husband and I spent long weekend going north to the Canada border for fishing trip. Steve kindly offered his guidance to us and we spent two wonderful days with him in his boat. On the second day we visited his place - I am not sure how to call it, orchard, botanical garden , research center? I live in warmer climate now, but I am from Russia originally. My husband grew up in Siberia. And still there were plants we didn’t know about at all.
He collects and propagates wild plants on his land. He grows sweet cherry on the North border of US. He researches cold hardy plants - not necessary cold hardy variety of commonly known plants, but something completely new to most people. Amazing - only word that comes to mind.
Thank you, Steve!

Here are some pictures. Excuse the quality - my phone camera is not the best .


Super idyllic and wonderful. Definitely something to be proud of and i hope my woodchips/mulch works out as nicely as yours does. It seems like you guys had a great time on the lake and its really impressive that with you from russia and your husband from siberia he had cold hardy things and techniques you had not heard of. I assume steves water table is too low for him to grow the siberian style citrus!


it was my pleasure to bring Galina and her husband, Alex, out to catch their 1st salmon. great people and Galina was a wealth of knowledge. even helped me figure out why i had damage to my trees/ bushes even though we had a mild winter. shes a great cook and educated my on some Russian dishes and ways to can/ ferment veggies ive never heard of. im glad they enjoyed their experience and are always welcomed back.



Nice Fish, Nice Boat, Nice Dog, Nice looking garden beds and plants.

The only thing other than work that keeps me from growing more stuff, is my love for fishing.
When I do retire, hopefully in the next 2-3 years, look out… I may just get to do all I want of both.

We don’t have Salmon down here… have to settle for Large Mouth and Small Mouth bass, Black Perch, Catfish, etc…



I copy quoted every word of @TNHunter 's post because it said exactly what I wanted to! BTW, trev…head over this way sometime and we’ll wet some line. I usually go for the large and small mouth bass but I enjoy going for every kind of fish. Center Hill lake is my favorite lake and where I spent most of my time. Also, we have one fish there that you probably don’t have many of out there in the western part of the state…TROUT! Brown and Rainbow are so much fun and taste so good. Of course they are only in the cold water of the Caney Fork River because they pull that water off the bottom of Center Hill so its ice cold all year.

Didn’t know you were such a fisherman Steve! And its always fun to read these personal meet-up stories. Glad ya’ll got together.


maybe swap a catfish trip for a salmon/ trout trip with you. :wink: caught channels in N.M wheni was stationed there. damned good eating right there!

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i really shine ice fishing. we have a derby every year called the long lake derby. theres over 1000 participants. ive taken 1st place 2 xs and 2nd 1 time, 3rd 2xs for biggest lake trout. going to pick up a replica mount of my 8lb 6oz. male landlocked salmon tom. :wink: ill post pics of it in the lounge. caught thru the ice jan 2020. my p.b.


You know I already blather on way too much in my posts- get me talking about fishing and its going to get worse! ha. One of my favorite things in the world is jug fishing and limb fishing for catfish, so come on down! ha. There is nothing quite like pulling your boat up to one of the jugs you put out the night before and seeing it start popping up and down or running away. Around here there is a good chance its going to have a monster under it. Same thing when you tie to a limb and pull up and see it bouncing. I’ve never caught a salmon but as I told TNhunter, we have nice trout in one river near me and they are soooo fun. THey almost always come flying out of the water trying to throw the hook. A small trout feels bigger than he is and the fight is so fun. I bet salmon are even moreso! Shine Light fishing sounds like great fun too!!!


What a trip! I am jealous. You guys planned such wonderful party and didn’t bother to let us know so we could all have joined in and eaten some fresh caught salmons. BTW I have never caught any salmons but should be fun thing to do.

The last time I was on a boat fishing was in Gulf of Mexico many years ago. bought whole bunches if bait shrimps trying to catch some fish. The fish ate $45 worth of bait shrimps and went home happily. I went home with empty fishing bucket. But it was fun to be out in the ocean.


Awesome pics! If @galinas can find the time to get up there I have no excuse not to make the drive, considering I live in the same state :wink:. Impressive looking plantings @steveb4.


it was a liitle slow for this lake but we still got enough to eat and bring home. the bigger ones usually bite more early/ mid june. anyone else ever want to come up, your always welcome. i just like to see people catch fish. i do so much of it after awhile its nice to see someone elses excitement when they get one.


someday i may take you up on that Kev. love them big cats!

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thanks! its a work in progress. just drive north on Rt.1 till’ you hit the Canadian border and youre there! :wink:


Are those Atlantic salmon, and one brookie?

yep, one trout, the rest is landlocked salmon.

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Great job! You are living the life. One of the guys I play baseball with works 85 hours per week as an engineer. Good for him, but I wouldn’t want that life. He doesn’t do anything else, and he only plays baseball once a month. Catching fish, picking cherries and hanging out with friends sounds like more fun to me.

John S