Vista white loquat dwarf

Hi there everyone. Anyone here who has a Vista White loquat? I read that it is somewhat dwarfing I just want to make sure before I plant it because I have limited space. Thank you!

In ten years in coastal influenced San Diego county with adequate irrigation it is 16’ high and 12’ wide unpruned. Note that pruning of loquat is very different from pit fruits, and doing so invites fireblight.

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I have a large Vista White tree that is pretty old, maybe 25 yrs old. No it is not a dwarfing tree. It is one of my larger trees in ground. Even the grafted branches of the Vista White grows more vigorous than other varieties. The Peluche may be about the same vigorous grower as the Vista White. You can trim the tall branches and keep any loquat at a smaller size (7-10ft). My Big Jim is about 35 yrs old and I keep it to 10ft tall and it has 85 varieties grafted on it. Vista White is an excellent tasting white flesh loquat, you need it in your collection. Very large fruits.


Thank you Richard and George for your input. I thought i could keep it at 6 feetx4feet. Good thing I asked you guys haha. I will look for a better spot now.

Wow those fruits looks big and yummy. Wow 85 varieties! that is my goal. What is the width of the tree and for loquats is it also spring when grafting? same time as plums and peaches?

Yes, spring is always a good time to graft most fruit trees and loquats. But for me, I graft my loquats when I can get new varieties so any time of the year works for me, except I don’t graft from November - January here is SoCal. You can graft it, but the scionwood will not grow much when it is cold or raining. For summer provide heat protection (brown lunch bag), for winter provide rain protection (plastic bag, with holes).

Looks amazing! Im giving my tree another year to grow before attempting to graft. Looks like a variety I need to add to my list.