Vole damage in potted Apple Trees

I have about 20+ apple trees that were potted earlier in the year with plans to plant this fall.
Today I came out to the orchard to find these? 4 of the trees that were in pots were ate down to the roots. I do have vole pressure in the orchard. The tissue of the trees is still very much green, are these savable or are they done for? 3 trees Honeycrisp on G11, 1 tree Gala on G11.

Collect some scion, maybe?
I think
those are history.



Very sorry to see this yes they are done for. As @BlueBerry mentioned you can take scion cuttings and buy inexpensive rootstock to graft them to.

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Fall of 2021 I had two small apple trees chewed to a point like those. I poked one into the ground and one into a pot. In the spring leaves appeared and they grew this past summer. Try it. You might get lucky or take scion for grafting as others suggested.

I agree with Dennis
I have had apple pruning lying on the ground self root and start new trees, So yours still have a chance. I would take scions as others suggest so that only one or two buds remain above the graft union. This will limit the amount of growth your new roots need to support. Then I would use a rooting hormone to encourage the original rootstocks to grow new roots. Replant them so only the graft union is above soil. Try to use an amended soil medium to replant them with garden soil, compost, sand and spagnum moss to assure their is a moist well drained medium for new roots to grow.
Kent, wa

That is horrible. I’d turn those small trunks into spikes and go on a vole hunt!

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I’d agree…nothing to lose, they might possibly put out some roots higher up on the trunk if you bury it deep enough. Not a sure thing, but some chance it might, especially this being the dormant season.

Yep. Voles got into my little potted tree nursery last winter… mostly pecans/hickories, a few oaks, chestnuts, and mulberries. They seemed to prefer the pecan seedling roots over everything else. ate holes through the geotextile fabric all were sitting on.

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Fortunately no voles in my pots…but as I put some in-ground…voles find them it seems.