Volunteer Fig!?

Had a peculiar experience with some fig seeds.
I bought some Turkish Figs at the Store
Cleaned out the sticky pulp and planted them in a gallon container over a heat mat @ 77 degrees f.
One came up.
I let it grow on the heat mat for a month
when it got about 6 inches tall
I put it outside
temperature is in the low 60s and rainy.
I was surprised to see
about a dozen more Fig seedlings popped up.
Do fig seeds require a chilling period before germination ?

Not that I know of. I decided not to keep the corn fig as it was common, but rather bland. I have a new seedling now, Cofig19. It will not fruit this year. probably next year.

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Fig seeds require light for germination, mystery solved.

@Drew51 somewhere you agreed that if it was common, it must have been a cutting. Because, like I have told you, fig seedlings do not have a taproot, roots do not have nodes, seedlings have many internodes at their base (10x what yours had) and many suckers. Those are all non negotiable features, so along with the mysteriousness of it all, and how it looks just like Osbourne Prolific, which you also described as bland the first year, there’s no mystery.

It was not Osborne Prolific. I have grown that a long time. It’s way different from the Corn fig. Leaves in particular were different. Since many others have reported seedlings from Turkish dried figs now. And having started my own seedlings numerous times. I can confirm it was a seeding. I have another seeding Looks just like the corn fig did. It’s 2nd leaf now This one is from seeds from Doug in Malibu. It has long finger leaves. Rather slow growing although I don’t have it in full light. I like to grow plants from seed. I have peaches and pluots. Hemp, rice onions. Etc. I forgot to mention tomatoes and peppers! I grow and save my own seed. I have a banana pepper almost ripe. The earliest ever. A great year here. My figs are having a good year too. I’m hardly ever home. Having too much fun. Retired at last! All looks well I checked in today and did my daily harvests of strawberries honeyberries and the early raspberries are ripe too. I love this time of year. Back on the island tending my second garden and watching the freighters go by.

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Was anything I said inaccurate? This has been a wild ride, but I am pretty sure the facts are straight.

Did this fig get it’s vaccination Drew? I hear this is important for a good crop :rofl:

Lol. It germinated in the middle of the lockdown. I will change the name if it turns out to be worthwhile. Eric in California is eventually going to do some killer crosses. I’m looking forward to our grand experiment to produce a fig to knock black Madeira off its podium. Doug’s “ito” fig series are examples of what can be. Such as three crop figs. Some great threads on Ourfigs about these gems. I’m currently testing three wild figs to see how well they do here. First though we need to see if common or more confirm they are. So many new figs no doubt some are duds but some will be superstars too.

Would really like to get a hybrid of the Desert King
it does very well in my area.

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What island? I have been splitting summers on the island too. Wonder if we’ve run into each other.

If it was the same island you would already know me. It’s not that big. No cars allowed but not mackinaw. Nothing at all public on the island.

:laughing: so not Beaver Island itself then. Leaves a handful like Hog and Garden and Fox. Or am i in the wrong area.

No it’s in the St Clair river,Russell Island
The south channel,Canada on the other side. So on the border.

We entertain ourselves with various social functions like the cardboard regatta.

I’m in the center, That’s my Club Car A 2021 Tempo. No cars one bar,well yacht club members only. My parents built this cottage in 1965. Been there ever since.

I can see the south channel from my back window. More isolated than most places. I like it.