Volunteer fruit trees

Not sure where this crabapple came from but I discovered it a few years ago. Anyone think it will be good for jelly? That is assuming it is a crabapple like it appears to be. It’s a nice looking tree in person but you can’t tell by looking at these photos.


they look like they would. my neighbor has a crab like that that he lets me pic for juice and jam. it produces hundreds of lbs. of 1in purple red fruit. has never been sprayed. its 15’ x10’ and looks to be very old.


Loquats are the main volunteers out here. Many people ignore the fruit - providing a food source for crows and a few other critters. In fact many people ignore the trees altogether, they are happy to have a carefree plant sprout up in their yard with no apparent need for irrigation beyond what if any is already present. In my neighborhood I see one about every 5th property.