W58-10 persimmon

Anyone know anything about it? Supposed to be a lehman cross…

Is this supposed to be WS 8-10? I grafted that one last year. Supposed to be a sweet, large american persimmon but I haven’t gotten fruit yet.

Not sure, asking for a friend…it could be if he makes labels that look anything like mine after a year or two :frowning:

It is probably WS 8-10. Here is the description from England’s Orchard:

WS 8-10 - Along with Celebrity these 2 trees would produce all the persimmons needed in a number of years. Healthy, very productive and has an even lateral limb structure that will support the large load of the very large 2.25 to 2.50 inch fruit. Field Grown Only. Shipped late fall and late winter / S, M, L, XL

Sounds like a keeper does cliff sell scions of this type?