Walnut grafting question

I am in zone 5-5B . What time of year for field grafting . I know they need more heat to callous . Thinking early June to get enough heat . I realize now I have been grafting too early .

That’s exactly, correct. We were going to do a walnut grafting demonstration Jerry at Red Fern Farm on walnuts and had our date for the last week of May. It was cancelled, ultimately. So, late-late May and until mid-June is the sweet spot.

Since you’re in IL and right near me, you couldn’t get better information than this.
NW IL zone 5b

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Thank you . I saw a video on bench grafting walnut and they put theirs in totes with damp sawdust and held them at 28-30 C for three weeks while they callus .

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I don’t have advice but using the hot callus system on the Guides section of the group with black walnut rootstock being dormant and grafting dormant scions, they bled. I talked to Cliff England about it and he said they bleed when dormant on pipes. He uses barely moist compost to contain his bareroot walnut trees on a hot pipe (he said something like “dry compost”) and said that helps.

Now the same callus pipe I use a guy over in Europe grafts Juglans regia on regia and didn’t have any bleeding issues. Different species, different result.

I just don’t graft them. I did them once and they all bled (75-80 trees) and I got (2) survivors.
You can’t sell them anywhere.