Want to graft plums this winter

I have been grafting Apples and Pears for years now. This winter I want to try grafting plums on rootstocks. Is there anything I need to know, or just graft them the same as my Apples
It’s getting to expensive to buy trees these days.

I grafted plums, both Euro and Asian around mid to late April, the same time I graft apples. My take rate is close to 100%. To me, plum grafting is as easy as apples and pears.

I don’t graft anything before April. We are in the same zone.


The actual physical grafting is like with apples, but like mamuang, I graft later than that. They may benefit from active host, warmer temperature, and in my location maybe not as wet.

Hello Again,
Is it easy to find plum and peach scions? Its easy for me to get apples as Derek at Hocking Hills usually has anything I’m looking for.
Where can I find a large selection of plum and peach scions? Just post in the wanted section here?

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Fruitwood Nursery is a good source for scion wood. I think they’ll update their inventory in the winter, but you can check their site for what they’ve had in the past.

Burnt Ridge Nursery also sells scion wood, they have 15 varieties of peach.


Check out the offerings from Bob Purvis. He has an exceptional selection of plums and apricots and some good peaches and nectarines.

Thanks a lot for that info. Looks like Bob Purvis has most of what I’m looking for both peaches and plums.

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