Warren Pear

looks delicious…I take it they are a soft pear? Matt I know you said in my other thread that they might do well in Florida, but I’ve not seen them at any of the local nurseries…

Yes. Soft pears.

My Magness pears are not soft. I don’t like soft pears, so I pick mine green and let them
ripen in the fridge, where they stay firm and crunchy. But that’s the way I like pears.

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Same here.

Sounds like I would like warren a lot so I will look for scions in the spring. I like soft and hard pears meaning anything from Clapps favorite to Asian Pears like drippen Honey.


Your Potomac pear scions just arrived in excellent condition. Just in time. A little bit of bud swell and green tip. But the vast majority of buds are in perfect form. I put them in the fridge immediately. Really nice sized wood. Thanks very very much.

Now I owe you multiple favors. My orchard continues to grow, and I’ll have lots of new varieties to send you in future years if you like.

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Speaking of Warren, my Warren pear came a few weeks ago, and it is already leafing out. Ordered from Bay Laurel, and it was really a pretty hefty tree, I should have measured the caliper. I was actually really surprised. Plus, all branches trimmed. Interesting that they trimmed a tree whose branches are naturally columnar in shape, but it hasn’t hurt the tree’s ability to quickly leaf out:

It is surrounded in rather close proximity (maybe a 25’ diameter) by Seckel, Comice, Concorde, Pineapple, Moonglow, and White Doyenne, and will have two more pears going in that general area next week, Magness and Harrow Sweet. Plus, across the driveway are all my other pears (another about 10 or so cultivars). So, certainly, enough options for cross pollination. I’m anxious to see how it sets for me.

Patty S.


No Atkins for that one :slight_smile:

Actually, pears are on the Atkins diet! Just had a 1/2 a pear yesterday, in fact. Yum. Most favorite pome fruit. LOVE LOVE LOVE pears. OMG. Did I say I love pears?!?


Only a half !! That’s not much of a love affair.

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That’s just for right now, Ray, while I’m losing weight. Once you reach your goal weight, you can eat more fruit, no worries.

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Damn that was crazy fast. I dropped them at the post office at like 12:45 PM yesterday. Wow…USPS doing a great job.
Oh…if I didn’t mention it already, the arrow on the bag indicates direction towards the terminal bud. Some of the older wood it’s kinda hard to tell since the buds emerge at almost a 90 degree angle.
Just to prevent grafting upside down.

Could not help but ask for a follow up on warren as I’ve been following this pear closely. I’ve heard very mixed results on growing warren. Went back and forth a dozen times deciding if I should grow it. I put one in this year and the tree blew up like dynamite loving the location I put it in. Should I expect pears in 7-10 years or is that a bit soon for warren?


Re-reading my old post- I just wanted to clarify:

Magness might work for you. But in Florida, you really should try its sibling, the Warren pear. Warren has proven the better pear for the Deep South. It was discovered in Alabama.

Update: I need to correct myself. The Warren pear was discovered in Mississippi… NOT Alabama. Sorry for my mistake.

@Matt_in_Maryland, thanks for clarifying. Haven’t added any new pear trees, as I’m still waiting to see how the Leconte, Pineapple and Kieffer do. I’ll certainly add the Warren to my list. Would be curious to know when it blooms, just to be sure it will work with the ones I already have.

Clark what rootstock did you use? I hope its on Quince as I think that is the best for it also ohxf 333 may be good for your area too and more precocious. On standard roots it seems to take forever from what I have seen.

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Ohxf333 I think is what it’s on but will need to look and make sure.

Has anyone tested to see how long they can keep Warren pears under refrigeration? I hear it keeps better than the Bartlett pear, but it would be good to know how well it keeps. God bless.


My understanding from what I’ve read and heard is that Warren requires about 800 chilling hours which is probably rather steep for most areas in Florida.

God bless.


My Magness has lots of flower buds again on ohxf333 and warren has a few on callery. I realize this is an older thread but im commenting because many pears make you wait 12 years or 7 years so to see flower buds is remarkable. You know i cheated and used a 2 year old callery and i grafted half the tree to karls favorite aka ewart which has fruit buds also. Thanks to @TheFluffyBunny for the tip on pollination i added a pollination partner on the same tree.