Washington Gravenstein or?

Even though it had water core this was a great tasting apple to me. I let a small limb or two linger around my orchard and finally it decided to show me how good it was. Nice thin skin, sweet, tart, and enhanced with water core. The apple was about 3" wide.


Hmmm. That doesn’t much resemble any Grav that I’ve seen (or grown) here in California, though I’m sure that there are plenty of variations which I’ve never encountered.

My first thought for an alternative was Smokehouse, based on the ripening time and the shape, but it’s a low-confidence guess.

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Yes it does look like the Smokehouse. The only question is that SH is listed to ripen in September. I put a ? hoping to get some opinions as to which variety mine is. It was labeled as Washington Gravenstein but we all know many are mixed up.

Apparently there is more than one variation of Gravenstein. Any thought or opinions is welcome.