Washington Navel Blooming?

So, I’m not sure why (maybe the recent rains) but my Washington Navel has started a pretty serious bloom for late November. Just curious if anyone has seen this?

The funny thing, we’ve really started to cool in the last couple of weeks with highs only in the mid 60’s.

I have seen this several times before in California.

The rainfall you and I received the last two weekends was born from the Pacific Ocean. It is slightly acidic (in a good way) and also contains a moderate amount of nitrogen.


  1. Your citrus did not have a suitable Nitrogen/Potash/pH balance to completely bloom in the Spring and is doing so now, or
  2. Your citrus has been tricked by the Indian Summer and is exhibiting a partial false-Spring bloom now.

FYI: expect a 3-week delayed reaction by Citrus to temperature trends.

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Thanks Richard.
I’m imagining it’s the latter. I did a fairly regular feeding regiment this past year. But it was a much smaller bloom this past spring, as well. Just assumed it was an off-bearing year, as the year before it was covered.

Either way, I know these will probably not turn into much since we are heading into the heart of our winter. Mid/late January it may have been a different story. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt next springs production.

We got only about 1/3 of normal chill hours this November. Many of my trees still have most of their leaves, and the bloom time is just two and a half months away.

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True. My Apple tree still has almost all the leaves. It’s just weird looking at my Washington navel and seeing it covered with so many blooms as we cool off. Hell, we hit 34F here last night!