Washington Navel Orange in Vista CA

those look great.

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Have you ever taste Texas Sweet orange? I bought a box from Our local HyVee Supermarket and they are so sweet.


Fresh Oranges in February, God’s creations never cease to amaze me.


@tonyOmahaz5 - it appears the name is the trademark of a distributor in Texas. The variety is likely Washington.

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My WN tree right now is so loaded with fruit I had to shim up the limbs with 2X4’s to keep them from breaking!

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Washington Navels knocked to the ground by yesterday’s wind and rain :slight_smile:


Very prolific for a young tree. I’m sure I have over a hundred pounds of fruit on my tree just waiting to be consumed.

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We have a place in Phoenix with a Cara Cara Orange. It was an impulse buy at Lowe’s many years ago. The thing grew way faster than expected and puts out beautiful and tasty fruit. I mulch and trim it and that’s about it.

I wish I could grow them down here so bad!

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Richard, what a reward this year! Amazing crop! Knowing how you keep your trees. That is probably no taller then 5-6 feet?

Good guess!

This afternoon I harvested and washed about 1/2 the ripe fruit on the tree.

Looking east:


3/24. Last of this year’s crop.


Would you show a cross-section of one of your Washington Navels?
I just picked my first Washington navel from ghouse grown 2-year-old plant. I wonder if its rind is abnormally thick (perhaps indicating too much N or too little P?).
My Washington Navel is the one on the right …which I contrasted with a store bought orange that I think was a navel.

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I also love Clauson Nursery in Vista CA. They have a wonderful selection, know everything, do their own grafting, have been in business 2 generations at least. Always helpful and wonderful prices. And yes, they are a bit quirky. Other tropical fruit trees too.

My experiences with them have been different.

Now I’m convinced I bought a tree with the wrong tag. My Washington navel looks nothing like yours. Mine are small and smooth. Probably a juicing orange.

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Is it seeded?

No seeds. Maybe a Valencia variety idk

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