Wasps etc in berries

Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with stinging insects making nests in berries? Just got stung for the second time by a wasp while picking red raspberries. The first time I thought it was just a random one because I didn’t see a nest. I found the nest now and soaked it with wasp spray.

I wouldn’t mind so much except the area that gets stung swells up about three times it’s normal size.

They haven’t been properly trellised yet. That may help?

bald faced hornets love to make nests in raspberries. 90% of the time I’ve been stung is picking raspberries. just need to be careful moving through the patch. i always pay attention when weeding or watering. you see a few of them flying around chances are theres a nest in there. damn their stings hurt!

While picking black currants - right after picking raspberries - I saw a wood dauber lacking wings. Looked like tabs where wings should be. It was wandering around leaves trying to avoid me; nearly helpless. Wonder what that was about.

The longer I live here the more grateful I am to grow things here. Bald-faced hornets are uncommon. We get yellow jackets prowling for prey among the raspberries - got stung once years ago.

I remember picking raspberries and seeing a yellow jacket dive about six feet when a dragonfly zoomed by. A week or so later I saw a dragonfly catch, kill & eat a yellow jacket. Didn’t know.


Yeah they do! They like to make nests and hide everywhere. Even piles of mulch aren’t safe this time of year. I had a huge nest under my LP tank lid last year. I ran pretty fast haha.


i seen one years ago under a overhang on a abandoned garage that must have been close to 2ft. across! can’t imagine how many hornets were in there. they will chase you a hundred yards before giving up!