Water Apple

I was watching Naked and Afraid filmed in the amazon and the survivalist came across a water apple tree. They devoured the fruit of course but insinuated that it’s a delicious fruit even if your not starving to death. Lol

I googled it and it certainly looks neat and interesting. But I wasn’t able to fund much info on growing zones and cold hardiness. But I did happen to see that Amazon sells them so they must be able to grow somewhere in the US.

Anyone ever had one and any idea where they can grow?

They’re tropical. I think native to southeast asia.

We call it Rose Apples. There are several varieties. The tree can grow quite big, about a size of a standard apple or bigger.

I like the green one the best, sweet and aromatic. All are juicy but have varying degrees of sweetness. I can eat tons in one sitting. For the-not -so- sweet one, we make a dip, a mixture of cane sugar, salt and finely chopped chili pepper. That’s tasty :smile:

I like that show a lot. Even when it’s bad, it’s good. :fire: :bug: :non-potable_water:

I think also known as Wax Apple. My favorite tropical fruit. I remember reading somewhere the farmers in Taiwan will “root prune” to improve fruit quality color, size, flavor etc. Top quality wax apple is called “Black pearl wax apple”

A bell shaped tropical fruit/berry. White, pale green or purple colored. We called them ‘Jamrul’ in my native Bangla language. Grow well in tropical environment. Originated from Sunda Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands area.

Watery fruit, less solid and more water, not so tasty. It does not taste like apple, does not store well like apple, bruise easily. It has neither the fragrance nor the density of an apple. You can think about watermelon after the bite.

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A guy down here sells them out of his backyard nursery, gave me some to try, it did not come close to persuading me to buy the tree.

“Water” apple is just one of the many members of the syzygium family, albeit probably the least tasty. You rarely see one of those being grown here in Hawaii. Instead, we grow the larger and tastier “mountain” apple. It has a flavor resembling apple mixed with a hint of rose and can be very delicious if picked fully ripe.

“Rose” apple also has a powerful rose aroma and a pleasantly sweet flavor. Unfortunately, there’s a virus that has destroyed most of the old rose apple trees grown on the island.