Water lilly

My water lily is blooming.


Beautiful flower! What zone are you in? I am in zone 6, my water Lillies have only leaves now. Also, how many years have you had this water Lilly? I started with pink, white and yellow flower water lilly, now they are all yellow. Not sure if it’s because pick and white one died or they all become yellow over time.

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It is maybe ten or fifteen years old. I took it out of the pond a couple of years ago and cut it in half and threw half away. I bet it weighed seventy pounds when it was wet and all one piece. My kids got it for me got Father’s Day one year. I am in zone 6, it was called a Colorado hardy water lily.

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How deep is your pond?

Water lilies bring back a very fond childhood memory. Rice Fields were covered with water lilies after a rice harvest season was over and the fields were flooded annually. Thousands and thousands of lilies.

some varieties of water lilies there have very long stems. People consider it a vegetable, and cook with them in various dishes. Maybe, like rhubarb here.


@Derby42, interesting your water lily flowers much earlier even though we both are in zone 6. Glad to know your water Lilly color stays pink.

@mamuang, I think I had water Lilly stem in a salad dish in a Vietnamese restaurant before. Is it some special kind of water Lilly?

Comparing to many hybridized varieties sold in the US, yes, the edible one is different. It usually has a white or pinkish white large flower and a yard long stem. It is a common kind, not ones grown for beautiful flowers.

In a rural market, you will see the stem being rolled up like you roll a garden hose and the flower still attached. They are picked before the flower opens. In a supermarket, stems are cleaned, cut into pieces and packaged.

It is three feet deep but I can never get the lily to stay on the bottom. I weight it down but when it grows it gets so boyant that it floats to the top so I just leave it there.

It has been blooming for a couple of weeks but this has been an odd year.

Wow, a yard long stem! That’s so interesting! I remember when I had that water lily salad dish, I was thinking I had a pond full of water lilies, maybe I should eat them.:smiley:

Yes if I keep it anchored it would grow a yard long , as it is it floats to the top a the stems are not quite that long.


thanks for posting this. The perennation(under unfavorable conditions) of water lilies was my thesis as an undergrad.

not only do i enjoy many water lilies for their fragrance and beauty, but also amazed by their survival-mode adaptations and resilience.

I love my water lily, funny how we find so many common interests. When it first started blooming many years ago, I could not figure out what it was doing but I found out that it only bloomed during the daytime and that by the time I got home at night it was done for the day.

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very pretty.I want to grow lotus this year,but the seeds did not grow. Maybe, I try water lily that HD usuall carry it

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also intriguing is that there are day bloomers and there are night bloomers. Flowers open and close depending on time of day, for several days.

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Mine came in a little cup and it has grow so big it is hard to believe.

Il,. You can go to the Asian market and buy the fresh Lotus root and grow it.


Tony, Any section will work, or must have the one with buds which should be the front section? Most lotus root I saw in asian grocery store does not have any buds

Did you get from HD?

I don’t know for sure ,my kids got it for me, I think at Walmart

Thanks, I will check there