Watering requirements for fruit tree on drip irrigation

I’m figuring out my drip irrigation on a new area of planted fruit trees and would like to know which trees could be watered the same amount water at the same time on the same watering zone? Can I have all them on the same watering schedule? I have the following bare root trees coming in February.

Fruit Salad “Combination tree”
3 on 1 Apple “Combination low chill”
Asian 3 on 1 “Combination tree”
Pluot “Constant Harvest”
Plum “Burgunday”
Pear “Pineapple”

Pomegranate “Parfianka”
Pomegranate “Eversweet”
Olive “Manzanilla”
Olive “Mission”
Avocado “Mexicola”

Not sure how you are laying out you drip line, but make sure you have multiple emitter points per tree. Otherwise you are going to have very saturated soil in one location and depending on climate and soil type will not get good root expansion. Better to water infrequently with enough water to moisten the soil than to run the system on a frequent basis and end up with shallow rooted trees.


I was planning on running a drip tubing loop around each tree to water all sides of the trees.

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I would put them all on one line and put valves on each plant if possible so you can manually turn them on or off as well as reduce water going to each plant if needed.

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I thought about using adjustable emitters so I can turn them each off or allow more water when they are fruiting.

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That should work i just like valves better but the adjustable emitters are easy for different sized pots and to help clean out by opening and closing them a few times to reduce salt / scale.

I’d water them all the same initially except the avocado which gets double. When well established, you can cut down on watering the poms and olives.

Also, make sure the avocado is planted on well draining soil.

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