Watering strategy

One of the biggest mistakes I made during my first year growing fruit trees was watering with systems that sprayed water onto the trunks of the trees. When I started to get a lot of bacterial canker in these areas my mistake was apparent. Since then, I have using the hose attachement below which is xtremely simple to make and allows me to water without fear of excess spray. This of course does not replace a drip system or any other well planned watering strategy, it is just a nice way to get your trees watered if all you have is a hose. Didn’t realize the picture water rotated, sorry about that.


Nice idea, but don’t you need to keep the mulch away from the trunk a few inches, so as not to induce some trunk rot?

Is that a pear tree? I’m guessing based on the leaf shape.


Looks more like Plum to me


I haven’t encountered that as an issue. Maybe the reason for this is because I live in such a dry area. I have bigger issues just trying to get the soil from drying out too quickly. It is a pluerry by the way, very similar to a plum as far as I can tell.

Ok, I didn’t know, just a guess. Pluerry, sounds interesting. Is the fruit more plum size or cherry size? Is the flavor of much account?

Man, I would love to see just a few days of dryness, all this rain is making a big mess here. Things grow fast here, I mowed the lawn (not a small feat, it’s about 3 acres) last week and I swear the grass has grown a couple inches already! You can almost hear it growing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use drip irrigation, it’s not difficult to install, and it provides a good control over the amount of water one supplies.


Like @Stan I use drip irrigation, put mine together with parts from Mister Landscaper. I’m running 5, 1/2 gallon per hr emitters on each tree. That allows me to control exactly where the water goes and not have to worry about spraying the trunk. Everything is controlled with an electronic timer, the only thing missing from it is and automatic rain delay. All things considered it saves me a lot of time in having to manually water my trees.