Watering wand, hose, nozzle

My last multi pattern garden hose nozzle gave up the ghost in less than a year. The ‘face’ of it with the patters were simply fell off; the two points with screws holding it in place broke.

Does anybody cares to recommend a better quality nozzle? How about a watering wand?

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Here are my recommendations, but there are other good ones in this thread.

If you decide on a cheap one again you can get a solid brass hose end adaptor at Home Depot with a built in valve that works very well to adjust or turn off flow

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I stay with Dramm watering wands. Used by all the professional greenhouse and nursery people around my area. Never have a problem with them for quality.

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As @Sean says in the thread quoted above, the Eley spray gun is pricey but great. All of the gear that I’ve obtained from them (hose reels, quick-connects, etc.) has been been particularly well-made and rugged.

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Hard to tell from the pics, but is that a steel ball in there? I definitely don’t need another watering device, but that is mighty tempting.

They say that it’s chrome-plated, so it’s likely stainless steel.

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Take a look at https://my4sons.com/ . Their wands and valves look like quality and some are on sale. You can buy many different nozzle types that fit their wands. I haven’t bought any yet but I’ve given up on buying cheap ones from Walmart and Home Depot. I’ve also been making my own using pvc pipe and high quality breaker nozzles from Dramm. I’ve bought three of these brass shutoff valves and they also seem to be high quality: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0871Z3HM2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I recently picked up a Joshua Roth bonsai watering wand from Sumo Bonsai Supply (the same place others have suggested getting buddy tape for grafting). I haven’t tried it yet but it is supposed to be long lasting and gentle on plants.

Check this one out… I saw a video last year where the Hoss Tools guys were really bragging on a fireman style hose end waterer… and this guy on Plant Abundance youtube is showing same type that he uses and loves.