Watermelon Apples

Have any of you seen these? They were bred by Lubera in Switzerland. Extremely cool look. Lubera is a fairly large apple breeding operation and they have very good apple breeding videos on youtube. I’ve watched them all and after coming across this article I done a little research. Was surprised to learn it was one of their releases.


I’m wondering if ARS will get wood from this apple? It’s not been syndicated, but no doubt patent protected.

This photo is a hoax (I think anyway lol)

, but interesting.

Great a wapple with a thousand seeds. Fortunately that’s 100% hoax.

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LOL, my friend Marcus at Lubera has been breeding red-fleshed apples for years. He’s not shy either, and has hundreds of videos at his channel gardenvideo.com He’s funny both in English and German, and a prolific breeder of excellent fruit. Hope they make it to the USA sometime.

yeah…the gardenvideo thing was what I think I watched on YT…great 10 part series on apple breeding…loved it and I learned a lot. I think if I had it to do all over again, apple breeding would be something I’d shoot for as a career.

I loved Luberas location…the beautiful Swiss Alps are like right out their back door ( I guess it’s the Swiss Alps…I dunno). Breathtaking view either way. I envy those guys.