Watermelon Brix - Crimson Sweet

Good Evening ~

Anyone have brix levels for Crimson Sweet watermelon? Is 12-14 a good range?


I don’t for Crimson Sweet but that’s a good range for my favorite, Star Brite.

The first one I picked was delicious at 14 brix and last nights was 12 which I thought was still good, just lacking a tad sweetness throughout.

Just wanted to see if my palette was on point. :slight_smile:

Crimson sweet is a great watermelon in my area. I have always had great set and nice big melons (Around 25 lbs).

Last year we tried some other types but since I decided to also grow my meat there is only room for a small patch and I chose my reliable and delicious Crimson Sweet.


Do you only grow Star Brite? Maybe I will try them in an empty stall next year.

That’s my favorite and nothing else has come close for quality, size, growth, and yield. But it probably won’t beat what you already have at your location.

Just ordered seed of Orangeglo.

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Can’t hurt to buy seeds right…lol…I can always sneak them in around the stalls. :pig: :cow:

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The WSU trial I bumped into on a Google search listed Crimson Sweet as 9.9 brix, which sounds pretty good. 12-14 brix sounds great for any watermelon to me.

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