Watermelon growing and Melon growing thread of 2018


Nice looking melon Mpigg, and looks to be picked just right!


Yeah that is a crap shoot at my house but it appears to be ripe


I hadn’t seen that many bees this year either, until about a week ago, when I saw HUNDREDS working the clover in my yard, so they’re here now.


okay the big day is here for my white wonder x orangeglo melon, it is deffinately ripe it is golden yellow probably a shade less orange than orangeglo, it has a floral flavor slightly less flavorful than orangeglo and i give it a 7 out of 10 melons
all in all a good watermelon, the search continues for creating the best watermelon, i see more orangeglo crosses in the future, i hope everyone enjoys


Looks pretty good to me. I was fine with Cream of Saskatchewan until everybody said it stunk! :smile:



I think I would enjoy it more if I was your next door neighbor. Looks great.


I still have 12 seeds left of the original cross if anyone wants them, they are free aswell as shipping, send me a private message first one gets them


I just opened up one of these kaho melons
and they get a 10 out of 10 melons i hope everyone tries these, they are sweet up to the rind and have an almost caramel flavor
i will be crossing these with orangeglo next year using the kaho as the seed mother

edit: extremely fine grained flesh


side by side kaho melon v orangeglo / white wonder

edit: after eating the entire bowl of orangeglo / white wonder i concur that it was a delicious melon,

reminder, always eat melons in the afternoon after they have been chilled after a hard days work, to enjoy them more


Odd watermelon I picked today


Looks over ripe, I bet it has a big hollow in the heart


So, you recommend 6 weeks from the day fruit set to picking? I have fruit set on the OG+WW. I will keep counting days.


You think it’s An orange glow?


Do the fruits themselves need direct sunshine? I’ve placed weighed down old pots on some of mine to stop coyotes. They are a bit pale. Don’t mind as long as they ripen properly.


NiceGuy, I think they will ripen just fine while covered. Sunburn is actually a concern with watermelon, especially the darker varieties. I always try to have vines and leaves providing at least partial shade for ripening melons.


Tender sweet I think.


yes for the big melons that should be perfect
are you still growing hime kansen this year?
I am but one of my melons cracked either due to too much water or an animal got it
I’d still like to know if it’s good, it will probably get a re-do but i anticipate it being a delicious melon


Yes, I am growing it. I think we have one fruit set. However, due to space limitation, I squeeze 4 varieties in that space. It is a bit difficult to figure out which melons belong to which plants.

A bunny bit off one OG/WW melon and a few vines. Very frustrated. Bunnies abound and they feed days and nights.


Due to the abundance of damnrabbits here, I’ve put ziplocks on the developing melons. This doesn’t always stop the damnsquirrels, but I’m hoping the damnrabbits are more easily discouraged.


Ok, thanks very much. It looked a bit odd, as unlike all the other melons they have no light spot where it touches the ground. I thought there might be something wacky going on as I’m blocking all of the light to the fruit itself.
Do you know if the amount of rain water has an effect on the fruit, For example watery/bland or more intense flavor?