Watermelon growing and Melon growing thread of 2018


It really doesn’t rain much at all in Spokane in July, August, and September. I do water, but not over water. Never really liked getting water on the leaves. It leads to all sorts of problems. General breakdown of the leaf and promotion of powdery mildew. Never had much problem with fruit quality due to water.


My OG/WW from the seeds you gave me. Thank you.

Hime Kasen. It looks similar to OG/WW at first glance but it is rounder.


First Charleston grey of the year 15 lbs. a little green


My first Big Stripe of the season, just cut this morning. This is the
first “sacrificial” melon of the year. Had all the right signs of being ripe,
but it could have been a little riper. I’ll let the rest stay on the vine at least
another week or two.


that is a beautiful melon


That sure looks just fine to me!


Looks great to me ! Save me a big slice!


It looks great to me! How did it taste? How much did it weigh? When did you plant the seed?

I’ve got about 5-6 Big Stripe melons on vines right now. I figure it’ll be another 3 weeks or so before I pick the first sacrificial melon.


Watermelons are an object of contention here. The spouse prefers them when [to me] underripe.


I planted May 6 with a replant May 18. It tasted good, but could
have been sweeter. We’ve had a lot of rain and that always affects
sweetness. I don’t normally weigh melons, but I’ve been growing
them for so many years, you can eye ball a melon and approximate
the weight,

along with carrying it into the house. I’d say this one was
about 25 lbs. The biggest one I’ve ever grown was 68 lbs. and I weighed
that one. This is it.


Getting a lot of watermelons this year and it’s going real well. Our favorite so far is this miniature variety. They mature faster than the others, and it’s a good size to put in the fridge.

Chicken wire has worked to stop the fox. However, it’s awkward and I have damaged the stems of two melons. It also causes micro-lacerations on the rind.
I’ve been trying to think of a cheap and easy way. This is easier and doesn’t damage any vines.


By the way, an excellent surprise way to use up soso watermelon is sun dry. It turns into sweet watermelon candy. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it.


Hi Will, @SpokanePeach, @thecityman, et al,

Have any of you grow watermelons using square molds or other shapes? I just want to try. Molds sold on Amazon are quite expensive. Want to make sure if I spend money buying them, they would work.

Thanks for your feedback.


I have not. Looks pretty cool though!


This year i did Bush sugar baby, Ultra Cool Hybrid seedless, and regular sugar baby volunteer came up from last year when I didnt notice one and it rotted down.

bush sugar baby set one nice size fruit, good color and flavor but as with regular sugar baby very seedy. plant is for sure more compact.

Ultra cool i picked one probably a week early, good juice, mild flavor and virtually no seeds. Have a couple more out there im letting ripen a bit more.

regular sugar baby has gone nuts. I expect them to be good too just a ton of seeds unfortunately


I bought my molds from the man who invented the buddah pear mold in China., he has the best selection!


Do you have the name of his website, please?


My first galia melon split last night, which attracted the rabbits


That is such a sweet beautiful melon!


Nice if I could have eaten it!