Watermelon irrigation?

This year I am thinking of growing a melon patch in my backyard for my kiddos. I want to cover the beds with black fabric first then cut holes and plant. I would like to set up a dri[p irrigation system for my vines but I have a few questions. Number one what type of emitter should I use? I was thinking of using the 1 or 2 gallon per hour drip buttons. How many emitters should I use per vine? How long should I run a cycle? Is there another method I should consider? Anxious to hear from you melon experts!


Gph doesn’t matter. Total gallons matter and a 0.5gph emitter can deliver 12 gallons per day which should be more than plenty. Type of emitter doesn’t matter. I grow watermelons every year between my citrus trees to keep down the weeds and get a few melons.

Mrt is correct.

I use .5 gph emitters
and give each vine 3 gallons a day. One emitter per vine is all I use.

Of course that makes sense. Thanks for the great info guys.