Watermelon & Melon growing 2020


The skin damage is the bottom. Can you tell me how this fungal infection affects the fruit? The vines wilt during the day but recover in the evening. They’ve stopped growing though.


Didn’t rotate but I did place the cardboard underneath a few weeks ago. The mulch was digging into the rind.


From what I see in your picture it shouldn’t effect your fruit that is on vine that are larger, They will still ripen up. The main thing that it will effect is your yield and possibly size of melons. Don’t do any watering overhead because it will make it spread. It looks like downy mildew to me but I may be wrong. As long as there is nutrients there the plant will still try to grow. If melon has stopped growing that is a good indication of it being ripe.


Anyone here has grown or is growing Sivan F1 melon?
We got free seeds as a compliment.

We put one plant in ground the same time as our 8 watermelon plants in late May (yes, we were late this year). While watermelon plants are struggling along, Sivan F 1 is growing vigorously. It has so many flowers.

So far, this plant has set 12 melons and counting, more than what my 8 watermelon plants combined have produced!!!

Hopefully, they will ripen for us. It is supposed to be only 82 day melons. It appears to have good reviews. Melons are on a small size. Love to hear your experience with this variety.


Here is my one Sivan F1 plant.

I counted. It sets 14 good sized melons and looks to have more tiny ones. How many melons a vine can carry? I do not over burden it. This is my first year with this melon.


Harvested it at the right time about 7 weeks. Tastes heavenly! I have to thank @rayrose for his original thread on this variety. I bought the seed in 2018 but couldn’t plant it with my move. Seed was still viable!