Watermelons a bit late, but hitting on all cylinders now...pics

Last year, poor weather around male/female time limited the number. This year is was a cool start, but very nice weather now has them at max vigor. Have self-pollinated about 10 females so far, and at least half have taken. Usually grow 2 or 3 plants in a large container. This year Sugar Baby, Crimson Sweet, and Grover Delancy.

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Those look nice. How do you water those containers?

Nice looking vine Ed, my watermelon hill grew really well but seemed slow to set fruit. We got a ton of rainy days just about the time it started blooming. I don’t know if that affected the pollinators or if it was a different reason.

Hey thanks, just top water, it’s fabric, the water goes right through.

Why do you grow them in containers? They do much better in the ground.

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Property too wet. In ground would be my first option.

i agree, watermelons seem to be much sweeter and flavorful when grown in semi-arid conditions, especially when allowed to dry out in between waterings.